By contributing to the Theme Friendly project, you can earn a premium subscription. This gives you access to additional information about each theme, as well as a more search parameters. Here’s how it works: Points can be earned by contributing to the site, and each point earned gives you full access to Theme Friendly for one day. The minimum account length is one week, so you will need to earn at least 7 points to activate your premium account. Once your account is activated, each point will extend your subscription by one day. Here is how you can earn points:

  1. Add a new theme author. Fill out a short form about a WordPress theme company that isn’t already listed on the site. 1 point.
  2. Add a new theme. Just fill out a form answering a few questions about a WordPress theme that isn’t already listed on the site. 2 points.
  3. Submit a theme for review. Upload a theme that you’ve purchased so it can be reviewed. This can be a newer version of a theme that has already been reviewed, or a new theme that hasn’t been reviewed yet. 4 points.

In order to contribute, you must be registered so that the points you earn can be associated with your account. Click here to register for free.

If you have any questions about this process, please let me know.